Tu clothing


Over the last few months at Sainsbury’s we’ve been working on refreshing the Tu Clothing customer journey. We’re updating the site in agile releases and last week we started to roll out some elements of the updated look and feel, including using Texta typeface by Latinotype, introducing tile design across the site, and a new colour palette. Supporting these changes has been a rationalisation of the design patterns in use – this has enabled us to reduce code debt, speed up site performance and to bake in AA accessibility.

The iterative updates have been achieved through designer and developer pairing – in this case between Chris Ormerod and David Chan. Here are some visuals.

Tu_Clothing_khaki_jacket.jpgTu_Clothing_girls_PLPTu_Clothing_mens_pique_tshirtTu_Clothing_baby_new_inTu_Clothing_blue_dressTu_Clothing_mens_Russell_AthleticTu_Clothing_chelsea_bootTu_Clothing_womens_cream_topCredits: Tu responsive project designers: David Chan, Dan Marley, Mia Kos, Lee O’Connell. Research: Ansgar Kupper, production: Marie Mitchell, product owner: Adam Everett, UI designer: David Chan, front end developer: Chris Ormerod, brand manager: Grace Castle, design director: me, Tom Lancaster, Head of Experience Design: Charlotte Briscall.


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