Slaves interview

Slaves_Shane_Deegan_Topman_7 Slaves_Shane_Deegan_Topman_4 Slaves_Shane_Deegan_Topman_3 Slaves_Shane_Deegan_Topman_8 Slaves_Shane_Deegan_Topman_2 Slaves_Shane_Deegan_Topman_1 Slaves_Shane_Deegan_Topman_5Here’s a feature and shoot the team produced for Topman for an interview with the band Slaves. We asked Shane Deegan to shoot Laurie and Issac at Rowan’s bowling in Finsbury Park in his own signature style. Here you can see the shoot and the feature on mobile and and desktop sites.

Credits: band: Slaves, photograper: Shane Deegan, videographer and designer: Morgan Hislop, hair and make up: Ellie Cain, stylist: Kyran Low, interviewer: Jamie Carson, digital editor: Daniel Copley, mobile designer: Kyle Altringham, producer and art director: Kellé Pearce, commissioner and creative director: me.

Topman_Slaves_desktop_feature Topman_Slaves_mobileTopman_Slaves_desktop


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