Double layering

Topman_double_layering_coats Topman_jackets_and_coats_2
For Topman’s new outerwear trend here’s a shoot, editorial feature and behind the scenes video the team and me created. We traveled to Camber Sands and shot looks featuring two layered jackets, on the beach, on the grassy sand dunes and in front of the wind turbines. Styling and location scouting: Jamie Milroy, photography: Tyler Morris, creative production: Kellé Pearce, hair and make up: Ellie Cain, copy: Jamie Carson and Alfie Marcus, design: Rob Higgs and Kyle Altringham, creative direction and filming: me, film editing: Morgan Hislop, music: Bruised Skies & Frenchfire – ‘Make Me Feel’, models: Jordan at Elite and Marc at FM. Click on images for larger versions.

Topman_jackets_and_coats_3 Topman_jackets_and_coats_9Topman_jackets_and_coats_1Topman_jackets_and_coats_5Topman_jackets_and_coats_7Topman_jackets_and_coats_6Topman_jackets_and_coats_8TOPMAN_double_layering_feature


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