Blue colour blocking

Topman_blue_trend_1Topman_blue_edit_in_display_screenTopman_blue_edit_in_display_screen_2Here’s a blue shoot and editorial feature that me and the team created for Topman. Shot on and around Askew Road in Shepherd’s Bush, each photo has a blue layered outfit modeled in a real life blue setting – including a chippy, a pub, an office block and some garage doors. Model: Oisin Atiko at Models 1, hair and make up: Ellie Cain, photography: Tyler Morris, styling: Jamie Milroy, creative production: Kellé Pearce, copy: Dan Copley, retouch: Joanna Bongard, design: Kyle Altringham, Rob Higgs and Alex Auld, creative direction: me.

Topman_blue_trend_6Topman_blue_trend_7 Topman_blue_trend_5Topman_blue_trend_4 Topman_blue_edit_layout


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