Topman new in page

Topman product listing page with sticky header

Topman product description page

Topman super category page

Topman holiday shopThis week we launched the new with a design informed by insight into how our customers shop with us. It features a clean white page layout where the product is the focus – with photography shot on model onto platinum grey by our in house studio. We’ve introduced a black sticky header to help customers navigate on long pages, and optimised the site for tablet viewing by increasing the line spacing in the top drop down and left hand navigation. Product listing pages make a virtue of SEO copy and all promo features have a standardised structure so that they can run seamlessly next to each other. The redesign goes right through to check-out with simpler streamlined pages that use colour to help the customer. The new design is rolling out across all international sites over the coming days. You can click on images for full size versions.

Credits: Design: Omar Souissi, UX: Sam Castro, project management: Alex Clarke, digital direction: Gareth Rees-John, design direction: me, development: Arcadia Systems, photography by Topman Studio (management: Kellé Pearce, photography: Tyler Morris, styling: Jamie Milroy). Additional design: Alex Auld, Rebekah Neal, Robert Higgs, Kyle Altringham, Morgan Hislop.

Topman product listing page

Topman checkout

Topman product page with drop down homepage August 2014



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