The Feast of St George

For the Feast of St George, presented by Mayor of London, me and the team have designed this dragon on a fork creative – featuring on posters, online and at the event. Creative direction by me, illustration by Vivienne Lang, design by Vivienne, Caroline Sellers and Sergio Fernandez, copy by Helen Booth. You can also see last year’s creative here and 2011’s here.


The Feast of St George 2013

The Feast of St George website

The Feast of St George on Facebook


St George’s Day tube poster PDF You can buy this poster at London Transport Museum Shop


5 thoughts on “The Feast of St George

  1. Hi Tom,
    Saw this poster on the Tube stations over the weekend when visiting London and loved it (especially the silver foil blocking on the fork). Wondering if it’s possible to buy a copy of the poster? St. George’s Day is my birthday, so I tend to like all things dragony 🙂

    1. Hello Lisa,
      Glad you like it – it’s one of our favourites. The London Transport Museum shop sells these so you should be able to get one from them – if it’s not on their website give the shop in Covent Garden a call.
      Thanks, Tom

      1. Thanks for that, Tom. Back home in Ireland now, I was outside the Transport Museum yesterday, didn’t think to check the shop there. Have emailed them to enquire. Thanks again for your help.

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