The A – Z of London

a_to_z_of_london-1 a_to_z_of_london-2 a_to_z_of_london-3 a_to_z_of_london-4 a_to_z_of_london-5 a_to_z_of_london-6 a_to_z_of_london-7 a_to_z_of_london-8 a_to_z_of_london-9 a_to_z_of_london-10 a_to_z_of_london-11 a_to_z_of_london-12 a_to_z_of_london-13 a_to_z_of_london-14 a_to_z_of_london-15 a_to_z_of_london-16 a_to_z_of_london-17 a_to_z_of_london-18 a_to_z_of_london-19 a_to_z_of_london-20 a_to_z_of_london-21 a_to_z_of_london-22 a_to_z_of_london-23 a_to_z_of_london-24 a_to_z_of_london-25 a_to_z_of_london-26 a_to_z_of_london-27 a_to_z_of_london-28

It’s here! The A – Z of London is a little book of all the brand assets that make up the London look, from typefaces, to colours, to tone of voice. Creative direction by me, design and illustration by Vivienne Lang, Caroline Sellers and Sergio Fernandez, copy by Helen Booth and the team, print by Tradewinds. Click on images for full size versions.

And here’s the PDF version – The A – Z of London


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